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I have been in the SEO industry for almost a decade now. I have worked with clients from almost all different Niches across Australia and New Zealand. The biggest problem I see with the industry is the lack of transparency in the work being carried out monthly. There are only a few agencies or consultants in Melbourne that will keep a log of work done and hours spent on the account each month. From my experience while onboarding clients from other agencies: the quality of work done by these high-fee premium agencies is subpar. Most agencies today are still using black-hat SEO methods or following checklists from companies like SEMRush or AHREFs to audit websites and complete monthly tasks.

This is due to the fact that the SEO specialists working on these accounts have never experimented with their own domains. If SEO was that easy, then every company like yours would just get a monthly subscription to SEMRush instead of paying digital marketing agencies.

Instead, you rely on experts like me who have experience in the industry. With me, you will get full transparency on monthly tasks and the time being spent on these tasks. I will not bother you with cheap backlinks from domains with no traffic. I will partner with websites in your niche for guest posting to acquire genuine backlinks that will make a difference to your rankings. I don’t follow any checklists or monthly plans; instead, I create a new strategy based on your needs. And work with you on a regular basis to analyze data and achieve better results each month.

If this seems like something you want to give a try at, please feel free to contact me to get started.

Here is how I am different other SEO Experts

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Freelance SEO Services in Melbourne

There are several types of SEO services, but not every website needs all of them. Here is a list of a few important types of SEO.

Why does your business need an SEO consultant, not an agency?

If you’re looking for help with search engine optimisation, two possibilities present themselves. You could work with an SEO agency, but the better choice is to go with a freelance SEO consultant. Both will help you improve your SEO, yet there are key differences that dictate a consultant is the right path to go down. 

Here’s why you should hire a consultant over an agency:

Consultants work to consult you on your current SEO strategy, they’re capable of getting results in a much shorter period than agencies. Typically, an agency will work with you for a long-term goal, which means you are stuck waiting to see the results over a longer period. Consultants work with you on a project by project basis, so they do all of the work to help you improve your SEO a lot faster.

The problem with SEO agencies is that they work with lots of different clients at the same time. You’re also working with a company, rather than an individual. Consultants, on the other hand, will provide you with a more personalised experience. They work on a one-on-one basis, dedicating all of their time to you. You are the focus of their undivided attention, so you should get a strategy that’s built more to your needs and feels more personal.

Do you know how much it costs to hire and SEO agency? In Melbourne, the average monthly retainer is around $2000 a month. That’s a lot of cash that your business has to part with every single month until the contract ends. But, there lies the problem; when would you stop using an SEO agency? They’re the ones who are monitoring and running your search engine optimisation campaigns, so what will happen if you get rid of them? Your whole campaign can come crashing down!

Instead, hiring a professional SEO consultant in Melbourne is way more budget-friendly. Paying for a consultant is different to paying for an agency because you have a one-time expense. They are paid for the project they help you with – there’s no need for a monthly retainer. So, you spend less money, yet you still see improvements in your SEO strategy.

The big problem with an SEO agency is that they do all of the work for you. As mentioned above, they take charge of your strategy and implement different ideas to improve your search engine performance. Sure, this can work wonders and help you see more organic traffic. But, as explained earlier, it leaves you in a tricky situation. You almost get stuck paying them every single month to maintain your good performance.

The beauty of an expert SEO consultant is that they are there to consult you. They look at your current strategy, run an SEO audit and help you figure out where you can improve. However, they don’t actually do all of this for you. Instead, they tell you what you can do to get better results. This allows you to enhance the capabilities of your in-house team! In the long run, it means your team is more educated and trained to understand SEO and make consistent improvements. So, you spend less money yet enjoy long-term gains!

Again, the downside of hiring an SEO agency is that you outsource all the problems to them. This gives the agency complete control over your SEO strategy and digital marketing. It can lead to countless problems – like things not being done on time or the agency not responding to queries quickly.

SEO consultants help you remain in control of everything. They’re only there to offer support and guidance that helps you improve on an in-house level. All the control stays in your hands, so you don’t have to rely on another company to do everything for you. Overall, it gives you one less thing to An SEO consultant job is to help businesses improve their online visibility on Google. They plan, implement, and manage search engine marketing for your company. Their tasks include keyword research, content planning, link building, traffic analysis, and setting up goal tracking. They also provide monthly reports, recommendations, and updates to boost rankings, revenue, and leads, maximizing your return on investment (ROI).


SEO or search engine optimisation is making your website rank higher on search engines when users are looking for your products or services. In simpler terms, it is improving the overall quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website from search engines like Google, Bing or Duck Duck Go. SEO can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41% on average compared to digital advertising. Whether you go with an SEO consultant like myself or hire in-house help SEO is a long-term strategy for any website. It can take up to 6 months to gain visibility in search.

SEO works by making changes to the website as per the search engine guidelines. These changes may include content optimisation, meta tag optimisation, heading optimisation, outline optimisation, image optimisation and link building. These SEO changes make your website pages attractive to search engine bots and help them understand the topic on the page.

Organic traffic is simply the traffic coming to your website for free that is without using any type of paid ads. This is also known as free traffic. Organic search on average brings 53% of website traffic while paid brings 15%. 49% of marketers report that organic search has the best ROI of any marketing channel.

The Process of SEO

  1. Crawlability and Indexability – Make sure the website is crawlable and indexable
  2. KW Research – Find the right keywords to target
  3. Optimizing page content – Making sure the content is optimised for the users.
  4. Link building – While Google tells you not to focus on links, in reality, none of the websites ranks without backlinks.
  5. Rince and repeat.

Link building or backlinks is the process of creating links from other websites to your website. These links if created using white hat methods help gain search engine trust and increase website visibility and rankings in search engines. Some common ways to create backlinks include blogger outreach, guest posting, local citations, directory submissions, forum comments and social media profiles.

These links act as votes for your website pages. The more votes you have from quality sources, will make you rank higher in search results. Experienced SEO consultants like myself can help you gain backlinks from high-traffic legit websites. High-quality links are more likely to give your ranking a jump compared to low quality cheap links.

When seeking an SEO consultant or company, it can be challenging to make the right choice. Many brands prioritize immediate results and top rankings on the first page. However, it’s important to understand that SEO is a long-term strategy, and no one can guarantee immediate first-page results for highly competitive keywords.  

Its important to ask questions like these to know if you are choosing the right person for the job:

When will I start seeing results?

How much do I need to pay in addition to the monthly fees?

What happens if I want to cancel?

Will all the SEO changes stay including backlinks when I choose to leave?

How would you produce content? Is it included in the monthly fees?

Will you keep the website updated(Including plugins) so that it says virus or malware free?

Yes, SEO can be effective for a new business. While it may take time for a new website to gain visibility in search engine rankings, implementing SEO strategies can help improve online presence and attract relevant traffic. By optimizing your website’s structure, content, and targeting local audiences, you can increase your chances of being found by potential customers. It’s important to remember that SEO is an ongoing process and consulting with an experienced SEO professional can provide valuable guidance tailored to your specific needs. Overall, SEO is a valuable investment for new businesses aiming to establish their online presence and attract customers.

The time it takes to rank a website varies depending on factors like industry competitiveness, current SEO state, content quality, domain authority, and SEO strategy effectiveness. Generally, it takes several months to see noticeable improvements in rankings, but established websites with a strong foundation may experience quicker results. SEO is an ongoing process, and rankings can fluctuate due to algorithm updates and competitor strategies. Patience, persistence, and staying updated with best practices are important. Book a consultation with us todayto get a more accurate estimate based on your specific circumstances and goals.

There are more than 200 SEO ranking factors considered by Google’s algorithms here are some top ones.

1. High-quality content based on your target Keywords

As you would have guessed, the top ranking factor for your website is having quality content. Quality content will help ensure it’s relevant to the user search query and is worthy of ranking. Before you hire someone to write your content it’s best to analyse the top-ranking pages in your industry. This would help you determine the length of the content you need and the topic you need to cover. If you do your keyword research thoroughly you will have a good list of topics that are related to your page and need to be covered in the content.

All the top-ranking websites in Google have content written for humans. Unlike, what your SEO agency might be telling you, spamming keywords across the page does not help you to rank on the first page of Google. You should always try to find industry experts to write content. This will help show your expertise in the subject and help keep the user engaged on the page. Google excepts all page content to be free of any spam or keyword stuffing used to manipulate search engine ranking algorithms. Freshly written in-depth content that helps the user and answers all questions always ranks well in search engines.

You may have heard a saying from SEO experts “Content is king“. This is true still to this day and Google always rewards websites with content that is created for users. Google’s past few algorithm updates focus on eliminating websites with spammy content that makes no sense to a user. It is not possible for any website to rank without quality written relevant content. For any keywords, you will see that the top pages on the first page always have the best quality content that is written for the users and is able to answer all the user queries.

2. Optimise your Title tags, Headings and content

Once you have well-written content for your page, the next thing to do is to optimise the content on the page. Starting with your page meta title. You need to make sure the that the keyword you are trying to rank for is included in your page title and H1. If you are using WordPress you can install the Yoast SEO plugin or Rankmath to help add a meta title to your page. The latest SEO studies suggest that most top-ranking pages in Google have a title tag that is under 60 characters and is free from spam.

Next, once you have your keyword in the page title and h1 tag. You need to naturally include your keyword in the first paragraph. Followed by the h2’s and h3’s on your page. Always make sure the headings on your page are human-readable and engaging. While you are doing everything to rank better in search engines you will need to make sure that you do not forget about the website audience.

You can also help Google understand the topic on the page by adding the keyword to the URL slug, image file names, image alt tags and meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are not a Google ranking factor but it helps the search engine to determine what the page is about.

3. Backlinks

Yes, backlinks are still important. It is the only way Google can discover your website. Backlinks are votes for your website the more votes you have from trusted sources the better you will rank. This does not mean that you should go and buy cheap spammy links from untrusted sources. This is against Google’s guidelines and can get you penalised.

The best way to get backlinks is to create link-worthy content. This content should be unique so that users would want to link to you. Not every link on your site gets counted equally. If a highly trusted source links to you, it would signal to Google that your website can be trusted. The more trust you create for your website the better ranking you will get in search engines.

Google algorithms are getting smarter day by day and most black hat practices that were used to work back in the day do not work anymore. If you do not have enough resources to pitch to get backlinks from other trusted sources, you can always outsource this work to blogger outreach agencies. These agencies will do all the work for you and help your website get links from spam-free sources that help your rankings

4. Other Factors

Google’s search algorithms have more than 200 ranking factors. Some factors like the above carry more weight but it is essential to make sure the website is fully optimised for all the ranking factors. Some other important factors include optimising for page speed, getting SSL(HTTPS), optimising website images, UX optimisation, mobile optimisation and more.

I have experience working with all types of CMS, including:

  • Open-source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Umbraco, Magento, Prestashop & Drupal.
  • Commercial CMS like Kentico, Sitecore and Shopify.
  • Custom CMS like Wix, Squarespace and Webflow.

As an experienced SEO expert, I know that the cost of SEO services can vary depending on a few factors. These factors include how big and complicated your website is, how competitive your industry is, your specific goals, and the level of expertise needed to achieve those goals. 

Usually, SEO services are priced either with monthly retainers or project-based fees. If you go for a monthly retainer, it can cost you anywhere from $1500 to $9000. The price will depend on how much work is involved and how much attention your website needs to improve its ranking on search engines and get more organic traffic.

Prices at Digital Panda start from $1500 per month. 

Yes. Link building is a part of the mothly SEO services. The quality and quantity of links will depends on your monthly SEO budget.

We only build links from website sthat are related the product you are selling or servive you provide. We also look at website stats like authority, traffic, keywords ranking in SERPS, quality of backlinks before selecting websites for link building.