Local SEO Consulting Services Melbourne

Complete local SEO services from a Melbourne based SEO consultant.

Digital Panda provides local SEO services in Melbourne

We help potential customers find your business via local search and map listings. Local SEO involves a range of activities including local business website, reputation management, google business profile optimization, local link building, local keyword research, reputation management, citation building, content creation and more.

When users look for your services you want to show up in the list, the higher you show up in search results the better chances you have of making a sale. Without local SEO services, your business will rank higher so users can find you for nearby searches. We get you the clicks and optimise your website for conversions. Improving the website content and its presentation (UX and UI) helps in the overall lead generation.

Local SEO Process

The process starts with an audit of the current website and GMB listings. We look at the traffic you are generating at the moment and the source of the traffic. Then we compare your website and listings to your competitors and find the gaps. Once we have a complete idea of the current situation and competition we present you with a customised SEO plan. The process stays the same regardless of the industry, however, the strategy changes and is fully customised to your completion and goals.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an SEO strategy that focuses solely on local searches. Local SEO helps to improve businesses’ visibility for local searches. The main focus is improving business visibility in Google Maps/local maps for near me or local searches involving specific locations. 

Local SEO services work for businesses with a physical location/store or serve a geographical area. Research shows that local search/map pack listings have a higher return on investment compared to organic search listings.

User searching for plumber near me google maps
Local Shops need SEO
Who needs Local SEO?

The best and simplest way to check if your business requires local SEO services is to make a search on Google for the service you offer. 

If you see a 3-pack map listing in the results with your competitors then the answer is yes, your business needs local SEO.

Anyone with a physical location or service area can benefit from local SEO services whether you run a local restaurant, boutique, or service business like plumbing or landscaping.

Local SEO helps you reach nearby customers in a specific area.

Even online businesses can benefit if they target specific regions or cities.

What is the difference between local SEO and regular SEO?

Regular SEO and local SEO are like two sides of the same coin.  Both these strategies help your business get found online by prospective customers.

Regular SEO focuses on SERP(search engine results page) whereas Local SEO focuses on the map listings. 

Local SEO strategies use local area-specific keywords, while regular SEO focuses on more generic versions of keywords.

If you have a local business, you need a bit of both to shine online truly!

What are you waiting for? Contact the leading Melbourne SEO consultant, to do an SEO Audit today!

Tips on improving your local SEO

There are a few quick win strategies that can applied to any Google listing to improve local rankings and increase visibility: 

First of all, make sure you have a listing and get Verified

Many businesses only create a Google maps listing and forget about listings on Bing and Apple. Make sure you have listings across all these platforms. It has been seen that the younger generation tends to use Apple maps more than Google Maps. So you may be missing out!

Improve Profile Completeness

Login to your Google Profile and click on view profile. Now look at the circle in the top right corner, it should give you a percentage of the completeness of your profile. If you click on it, it will provide suggestions on what can be done to improve the score. Most businesses I work with need services or products added, and some need basic information like the business description.

Keep your listing information accurate

Are you displaying the same information across all your platforms like the website, Google listing, Facebook or Instagram page? Make sure that you have the same Phone number, address and hours of work across all the platforms. This gives your customer confidence that you are open to business.

Respond to reviews even the bad ones

I know it feels good to respond to good reviews but not the bad ones. But trust me users are looking more closely at your bad reviews. If you give a proper reply to a bad review, explaining why it happened or even apologising for a bad experience it sends a good message to the person reading the review. This makes them feel more confident about your services or products and increases trust in your brand.

Photos – Add them or ask your customer to share

Make sure that users can get a good glimpse of your workplace from images. Image a listing for cafe without any images? Ask yourself, would you go to a cafe like that? Users want to know all about the place before they visit. This makes them more likely to visit a place.

Mention all your in-store products and services

Add all your products/services with some description and prices. This will increase your visibility in searches and also attract customer searching using the name of the product and service in there area.